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Fine Art Photography and Video offers many packages to immortalize your special day. We are exclusive NYC wedding photographers who pay attention to every detail of your Cipriani Wedding Photographs. We believe on offering our clientele a preservation of their special day that is elegant and accurate. We believe that every time you view your portraits and video, they should serve as your memory; they should bring you back to the emotions of this important day, not simply retell a story. Fine Art Photography and Video is known for our artistry and service.

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Our photographers and videographers use quality equipment with minimal lighting, so your guests can spend time enjoying themselves, distraction-free. After the big event, we professionally edit and personalize each video. This truly separates us from the competition, making us the only elegant choice for your Cipriani Wedding Photographs.

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New York City has many iconic wedding venues. Cipriani on 42nd street offers something that is rare in the compact city. It offers a vast amount of space to host a wedding that is not only elegant but extravagant. If you have more than 800 guests, this is the venue for you. In addition to spacious rooms, Cipriani on 42nd street is located in the heart of New York City. Leading up to your wedding, we know planning can be stressful. You will have a variety of locations to unwind at Cipriani on 42nd street. It is close to several of our favorite restaurants; Times Square; Bryant Park, which is one of our favorite outdoor brunch outings; Broadway; and all the best NYC has to offer. Also, all of these locations offer the perfect setting for your wedding photographs. This is the perfect location to have the large New York City wedding of your dreams and to hire Fine Art Photography and Video, NYC Wedding Photographers to capture these moments. .

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Cipriani on 42nd Street has been featured in many popular online wedding websites such as Wedding Spot, Wedding Wire, and The Knot. The reception area at Cipriani on 42nd street is very elegant. The room has towering archways; iconic columns; and beautiful brick walls. The space feels as if you are in an illustrious medieval castle in the heart Europe. Fine Art Photography and Video, NYC Wedding Photographers capture the essence of this traditional, sophisticated location. Not only will we be able to capture the true beauty of the venue, but also, the sweeping views of the city.

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We captured this graceful venue and the various locations around the city in the Kalliope and Gianpietro wedding. This beautiful couple had an amazing day at Cipriani on 42nd street. We wanted to describe to you the beauty of the Cipriani wedding photographs we took of this graceful couple. We also want to illustrate the talents of the Fine Art Photography and Video NYC Wedding Photographers we had on this project. We started off photographing the groom with his groomsmen preparing for his special day. We photographed his tux hanging on the closet door as he was preparing to marry his elegant bride. We continued to shoot as his best man was practicing putting the ring on his finger. This image shows the bond that he has with his groomsmen. We decided to photograph this picture in front of two large windows dressed with green and gold curtains. The mirrors in the background reflect the two men and their expressions. As the time drew closer, we photographed the groom and his groomsmen in their tuxes on granite steps. The grooms red socks are a focal point for the black and gray imagery of the surroundings. The pictures turned out flawless.

Great Photographic Ideas From NYC Wedding Photographers

As the wedding drew closer, we continued to take pictures of the bride and groom together. We took photoshoots at several locations around the city due to Cipriani on 42nd street’s central location. We started with a photoshoot in Times Square. Our beautiful couple took an amazing photo in this iconic location. In this photograph, the groom has swept the bride off her feet as they are lovingly embraced while kissing. Fine Art Photography and Video NYC Wedding Photographers had the eye to keep the couple in focus, but also, get the grand buildings and sky in the backdrop of this photo. Next, we continued the photoshoot overlooking the East River. The bride and groom are casually strolling down the boardwalk at this location. In this candid moment, the bride is smiling and talking with the groom. We continued to take more formal pictures at this location. The pictures focus on the bride and groom with the East River as the backdrop. Beyond that, you can see a wide-angled view of the city in all of its beauty. The brides veil flows in the wind as her future husband looks tenderly at his future wife. There are truly so many places for Fine Art Video and Photography to arrange for a photoshoot at this centralized NYC venue.

During the Ceremony at the Kalliope and Gianpietro wedding, we captured the bride with her spectacular gown. The walls behind her were brilliantly lit with a contrast of purple hues intermixed with dark shadows. Staff hanged from the ceilings in metal hoops as they served champagne to the bride and groom as they kiss. As the night drew to an end, the bride and groom stood in front of the iconic wrought iron gate that surrounds the reception area. Fine Art Photography and Video truly captured our elegant couple through the best parts of the wedding venue and surrounding areas as only true NYC Wedding Photographers can do.

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