Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers

As a historic bank building in the Times Square location of New York City, the Gotham Hall Wedding Venue in New York City has made a smooth transition into becoming a top venue in New York City. The history and location makes this also a prime spot for Fine Art to photography to be your prime Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers on your special day. Make your way into the beautiful building and up the old converted steps – you go from an ordinary NYC building into a prime Wedding Venue in New York City. With an impressive architectural design, your photographs will be unique and storytelling.


Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers

Gotham Hall is a distinguished and refined Wedding Venue in New York City. This venue offers not only sophistication, but also, to be part of the heart of Midtown. Located directly on Broadway, you can take in a show and go to the best restaurants Manhattan has to offer. Leading up to your wedding, this location is great for rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches, and evenings out as you plan every detail of your special occasion. You only need to walk out the front doors that are topped with the majestic pillars of Gotham Hall, and a vastness of options await… Fine art Photo and Video are preferred Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers.


The Perfect Wedding Venue in New York City

In addition to Gotham Hall’s beautiful exterior, is Gotham Hall’s equally elegant yet dramatic interior. According to Gotham Hall’s website, this historic location features Corinthian columns, bricked granite walls, marbled flooring, and a domed ceiling with a 3,000 square foot stained glass skylight. The skylight alone is absolutely astonishing, and it allows you to look up and out at the nighttime sky and city lights. Gotham Hall is the perfect mix of sophistication and quaint charm. To capture the beauty of this picturesque location, hire the NYC wedding photographers that have experience with capturing the intricate beauty this venue has to offer. Fine Art Photography and Video has photographed sweeping views of the seven-story domed skylight that is a disguisable feature of elegance at the Gotham Hall venue. Fine Art Photography and Video photographers and videographers are experienced Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers and know how to capture your special day the way you would want it to be seen. Gotham Hall Wedding Photographs developed by Fine Art Photography and Video captures the timeless essence that Gotham Hall provides to its patrons.
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Historic Wedding Venue in New York City

As Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers, we have shot several weddings at this venue. One of the weddings we photographed had their ceremony directly under the skylight, and we took full advantage of the beauty and details of the main galleria. The moonlight peering through the illustrious skylight gave the perfect glow to the bride and groom as they were photographed. At this wedding, during a break between the ceremony and reception, we photographed the wedding party. In this photograph, the bride and groom were featured out-in-front of the white alter that stood out from the dim lighting and the darkened-marbled-walls. Before the reception, we proceeded to photograph a portrait of the bride and groom standing under the timeless Corinthian columns that stand high above the guests. The beautiful golden entryway stood as the backdrop for this elegant picture of love and beauty. The last featured picture from the eyes of our photographers is a landscaped view of the entire reception area from the balcony above. The bride and groom stand prominent in the center of this photo with their individual style captured in perfection for all of time. This is a shot we are proud of because this image can show you the true beauty that Gotham Hall can provide while maintaining the individual tastes of the bride’s and groom’s unique style. As Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers we work tirelessly to find the best portraits that encapsulates your individual needs. This is why hiring Fine Art Photography and Video is the right choice for you.

Fine Art Photography and Video focuses on every detail of this Wedding Venue in New York City. As experienced Gotham Hall photographers, we also focus on the little details of your Gotham Hall Photograph Package. We not only capture the grandiose pillars and skylight, but also, the brides shoes and dress; the bride talking with her father; the groomsmen putting on their ties and jackets; the cake; the proud look of the groom’s parents as he stands at the alter; the centerpieces; and every detailed moment that makes your wedding unique. There is no missed detail with Fine Art Photography and Video. We understand that weddings go faster than the blink-of-an-eye, and we strive to help our couples remember even the finer details that they often do not have time to enjoy. So many couples have told us, they wished they could slow down time, so they didn’t miss a thing. Newlyweds are often swept up in the excitement and often miss some finer details of their weddings. As experienced Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers, we go in ahead of time and capture all of the little details that this Wedding Venue in New York City has to offer and that you may be too busy to enjoy at the time. Click Here to view some of the photos from Fine Art Photographers over the years at this Wedding Venue in New York City. We offer you Gotham Hall Portraits that leave no details to imagination; but instead, are living records of the detailed-planning and work that you have spent on your wedding.


Fine Art Photography and Video – seasoned Gotham Hall Wedding Photographers with an eye for elegance.

Our promise is to encapsulate the very best of your wedding with true-to-life portraits and video. We believe, when a bride, groom, and guests look at the wedding portraits and video that we have created, they should feel the emotions that enveloped the day with love. As a NYC Wedding Photographer with an eye for sophistication, we are here to deliver you this experience through each and every portrait.


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