Let a Fine Art Oheka Castle Photographer Help You Celebrate on Your Wedding Day

Even some of the most romantic love stories require a photography expert like a Fine Art Oheka Castle Photographer make a lasting impression. The celebration of your marriage should rely on an Oheka Castle Wedding Photograph that will tell all about your ceremony and the love you shared. An Oheka Castle Wedding Photograph offers a whole level of sophistication and creativity to commemorate your day. We are certain that our Oheka Castle Photographer will do a great job at amplifying the appeal and distinctive charm of your wedding day.

We are delighted to announce the wedding of Jacqueline and Wojciech at the renowned Oheka Castle! Jacqueline has always pictured herself marrying the husband of her dreams in a castle with breathtaking gardens. The Gilded Era castle is a mix of the refinement of a château in France with the American traditions from the 1940s. Oheka Castle was the perfect backdrop for a couple with such elegant and sophisticated tastes. The cool, crisp September weather made for the perfect Oheka Castle wedding photograph. Jacqueline was absolutely radiant as she stood with her husband at the various locations Oheka Castle has to offer such as grand balconies, gardens with cobble-stone walkways and crystal pools, through tree-lined paths, with a Gilded Era car, under magnificent archways, and of course, on the Grand Staircase. On the Grand Staircase, Jacqueline and her bridesmaid’s dresses are absolutely stunning in this formal Oheka Castle wedding photograph.


An Oheka Castle Wedding Photograph To Summarize The Day

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests celebrated in the elegantly decorated ballroom. The ballroom was surrounded by large windows which gave stunning views of the grounds outside. Above the dance floor, the chandeliers poured light down on the couple as they had their first dance. Another favorite Oheka Castle Wedding Photograph is when the couple shared a kiss, which is the depiction of true love. Here at Fine Art Photography and Video, we know how happy Jacqueline, Wojciech, and their families must be as they look back at how each Oheka Castle wedding photograph captured the perfection of this day.


Aside from the couple themselves, Jaqueline’s individual style and tastes were the centerpiece of these photos. On behalf of everyone here at Fine Art Photography and Video, an experienced Oheka Castle Photographer we want to congratulate Jacqueline and Wojceich on their special day. Fine Art Photography and Video wants to thank you for selecting us as your preferred Oheka Castle Photographer. We know for Jacqueline and Wojceich that the best years are still ahead. These pictures and every Oheka Castle wedding photograph of Jaqueline’s and Wojceich’s wedding can be viewed in the slideshow below and at the Oheka featured venue page.

Venue – Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle Photographer – Fine Art Photo and Video

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