Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer

The Oheka Castle located in Huntington on Long Island “Gold Coast” prides itself with top notch service and wedding coordination. As an elite Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer for this Huntington Wedding Venue Fine Art Photography and Video knows there are so many available areas to capture your special wedding day – from the breathtaking outdoor gardens, to the manor’s French chateaux inspired arches, to the historic architecture within the castle walls.


An Elite Huntington Wedding Venue

The castle portrays a commanding presence presiding over Huntington’s North Shore coast as one of LI’s highest points, only has one wedding a day and can accommodate up to 400 guests comfortably for a sit-down dinner (tables of 12) with music & dancing in the Terrace Room. This prestigious Huntington Wedding Venue has undergone many alterations over the past 80 years to make it one of the world’s top venues for not only weddings but for movie sets and productions. It is also originally known as one of Americas largest private living quarters ever built.


Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer

Having had the pleasure of working with the staff at Oheka Castle, Fine Art Photography has always been able to produce the most beautiful wedding photos and portraits. The care and attention provided by the Oheka Castle’s staff enables us to blend into the background in order to capture those all-important candid’s of your day.
From creative documentation to classically contemporary with elegance, all of our photography packages are designed to enhance the photo-journalistic approach to tell your special story.


Premier Huntington Wedding Venue

There is no dispute over the unique beauty that OHEKA Castle, a premier Huntington Wedding Location, has to offer brides, grooms, and guests. This mansion-style venue has captured the eyes of elegant and refined members of our society, including numerous celebrities and a past president. OHEKA Castle also was featured in several films and videos such as The Great Gatsby Documentary (2000), Citizen Kane (1941), Project Runway (Lifetime), Platinum Weddings (We TV), Weddings of a Lifetime (Lifetime), Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video, and many more. The grace of this beautiful location has drawn people from far and wide to enjoy its splendor. For a full list of celebrities and films which featured this stunning mansion, please visit www.oheka.com/film-photo-shoots.htm. The boundless beauty of this Huntington Wedding Venue location truly makes it the perfect wedding venue.


Oheka Castle – Where Elegance Meets Historyr

There are many beautiful areas on the grounds of Oheka Castle that you can explore. As you walk around the grounds, you will be greeted by amazing views of recessed hedge-trimmed gardens that feature brilliant pools, statues, and cobblestone walkways. All of these features surround the magnificent Gilded Era mansion. Oheka Castle of Huntington is truly the place where elegance meets history and continues to be one of Huntington’s wedding venue of choice.

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Oheka Castle is the recipient of several awards and recognition’s for their excellence in wedding services and standards such as the Couples Choice Awards (2018), the Six Star Diamond Award (2011), Manhattan Bride Best of 2018, and the Elite Wedding Professional (2018). In addition to the beauty of this mansion, Oheka Castle as an elite Huntington Wedding Venue only hosts one wedding a day, so you are truly in for a private, one-of-a-kind experience. Here at Fine Art Photography and Video we share in that vision that every wedding should be one-of-a-kind. Fine Art Photography and Video, an experienced Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer, caters to the refined by capturing every detail and individual touch that you have carefully planned on your wedding day.


Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Photography and Video, an experienced Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer, has captured the grace and individuality of over 200 weddings at Oheka Castle. Each and every wedding captured by us incorporates the personalized touches of each couple. We find the perfect moments throughout your special day. We have photographed couples in several locations on the Oheka Castle venue grounds and would be an excellent guide to secure the best areas for your perfect moment; or, if you have some locations you would prefer, we are always eager to listen and use our creative talents to capture the true-to-life beauty of your moment.


The Grand Staircase in the lobby is a graceful location for formal pictures. The Grand Staircase is a double winding staircase that leads up to dark-stained oak door. The staircases flow around an elegant centerpiece. The cathedral ceiling, directly above the staircase, has exposed wooden beams that are stained the same dark color as the oak door. Dangling from the ceiling, a golden chandelier shines light down onto the staircase. The contrast between the white walls and the darkly stained wood makes for beautiful contrast in photographs. Fine Art Photography and Video photographers have many beautiful pictures on the Grand Staircase. We capture the brilliance of each couple from a variety of angles depending on the lighting and taste of the couple. As part of our favorite is an eagle-eye view of a couple who is standing on the landing of the staircase. The symmetry of the two spiral cases cascading around the couple is elegant and truly originally. We strive for this individuality with all of our couples.


Oheka Castle has as vast assortment of professionally maintained locations which can accommodate any couple’s vision for the perfect wedding photograph. The Grand Staircase is a popular location due to its grace and beauty, but we are here to cater to the vision that represents each couple unique personality. Since we have vast experience with the Oheka Castle grounds, we are able to help you find your dream locations. Fine Art and Photography has captured the different personalities of Oheka Castle. We have captured the beauty of loving couples sharing a moment on one of Oheka Castle’s beautiful balconies; couples under large stone archways; couples with antique cars; couples walking along the cobblestone path in the garden; and of course, in the beautiful reception spaces, such as the Grand Ballroom. We are here to capture every detail of your special day.


Fine Art Photography and Video offers many packages to immortalize your special day. We are an exclusive Oheka Castle Wedding Photographer, who pays attention to every detail of your wedding. We believe on offering our clientele a preservation of their special day that is elegant and accurate. We believe that every time you view your portraits and video, they should serve as your memory; they should bring you back to the emotions of this important day, not simply retell a story. Fine Art Photography and Video is known for our artistry and service. Our photographers and videographers use quality equipment with minimal lighting, so your guests can spend time enjoying themselves, distraction-free. After the big event, we professionally edit and personalize each video. This truly separates us from the competition, making us the only elegant choice for your Oheka Castle Wedding Photographers.


For more information, including a quote on an emotional, true-to-life account of your wedding, please visit us at fineartphoto.com or call (516) 997-4200. You can check out our exclusive shoots at Oheka Castle by navigating the venues button from the main menu and typing “OHEKA Castle” into the search bar. We look forward to preserving your special day at OHEKA Castle.

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