Perfection as The Carltun Wedding Photographers

Fine Art is preferred The Carltun Wedding Photographers. We have perfected the magic of this venue’s beauty in all our The Carltun wedding photographs taken over the years.

We Offer the Experience needed in The Carltun Wedding Photographs

A wedding is typically one of the most memorable days of a person’s lifetime. Standard picture taking is simply unacceptable. At Fine Art Photo and Video, we make it our business to provide specialized The Cartlun Wedding Photographs. We strive for the highest quality material and originality in every wedding photo we take.

The Carltun is an exquisite wedding venue located in East Meadow, New York on Long Island. This venue, located in Eisenhower Park, hosted Lauren and Nicholas’ wedding on July 2nd 2016. Fine Art Photography and Video had the pleasure of capturing this wonderful couple on sweeping grounds and in warm, inviting rooms for their Carltun wedding photographs.


The Carltun Wedding Photographs Perfected By Fine Art

The Carltun offers many different environments to capture the perfect wedding photography. For Lauren and Nicholas, we captured The Carltun wedding photographs in a variety of different locations. The main gallery is one of our favorite areas that we photographed at the Carltun. The room is painted a deep red, which is in contrast with the golden pillars and the exquisite gold ceiling. For the trained eye in photography and videography, the lighting is perfect in this room. The large bay windows offer the right amount of light to stream into the dimly lit room. The lamps and light fixtures provide a warm feel to these The Carltun wedding photographs.


The Carltun Wedding Photographers of Choice

In addition to the main gallery, there are several other beautiful locations we photographed at The Carltun. As experienced The Carltun wedding photographers, we have taken photographs of Lauren and Nicholas in front of beautiful fountains and carefully designed landscapes. Another one of our detailed photographs is of the bride and groom on an elegant staircase. At the end of the night, Lauren and Nicholas had fireworks at their wedding. The fireworks provided the perfect backdrop for nighttime photographs of this wonderful couple.


Experience is the Key as The Carltun Wedding Photographers

The staff at Fine Arts Photography and Video wants to thank Lauren and Nicholas for using us as their experienced The Carltun photographers. We wish this couple many years of health and happiness. Lauren and Nicholas were an amazing and beautiful couple to photograph. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend their special day with them, together.

Venue – The Carltun

The Carltun Wedding Photographers – Fine Art Photo and Video

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