The Carltun Wedding Photographer

The Carltun Wedding Photographer


The Carltun Wedding Photographer

Our photographers and videographers use quality equipment with minimal lighting, so your guests can spend time enjoying themselves, distraction-free. After the big event, we professionally edit and personalize each video. This truly separates us from the competition, making us the only elegant choice for your Cipriani Wedding Photographs.

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The Carltun located in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow NY on illustrious Long Island is an exquisite venue for any elegant wedding. This venue is one of the only venues we have found that is located in a park. Due to its location, you feel as if you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of suburban and city life. The location offers a sense of serenity and nature as you marry the one you love. This location has been recognized by several prominent wedding venue reviewers. The Carltun has received the 2017 Elite Wedding Professional award and a Star Diamond Award for their unparalleled hospitality. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, they also received the 2017 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for our wine connoisseurs.

Fine Art Photography and Video is an experienced The Carltun Wedding Photographer. One of our favorite aspects of The Carltun is the vast amount of locations to shot. We have taken photographs of our couples from backdrops of exquisite fountains and pristine landscaping to the grand lobby with its deep red walls and golden ceiling. We also love photographing the food at The Carltun. The food at this venue is exquisite and plated perfectly for each and everyone one of your guests. We know that your wedding will be as perfect as you imagined with the staff hospitality, the delicious food, and the photograph locations that this venue offers.


The rooms at The Carltun are also breathtaking. They have the elegance of the Gilded Era in American History, where sophistication was at its peak. One of the rooms is named the Gatsby Room and is a beautiful space with dark hardwood floors, white Corinthian columns, and dark chairs with white tables. The contrast of this room is amazing. This is one of the rooms that is beautiful to photograph our couples and guests for rehearsal dinners. The Bridal Suite is also a room that embodies sophistication. We have shot brides and bridesmaids getting ready in this room. The floors and ceilings of this room are a warm wood. The feeling we get when we walk in The Bridal Suite is of relaxation and excitement for our brides. The golden, antique mirror is the perfect location for a photograph of the bride applying her makeup. The room is spacious and comfortable as you are waiting in anticipation for your wedding. One of our favorite pictures in this room is of a bride hugging her mother. The emotions of the moment were captured perfectly, and they will have a memento of that moment to share forever.


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The Carltun wedding photographs

There are several other rooms at The Carltun that are very unique. The Wine Cellar is an extraordinary room. The color schemes of dark reds, gold trimmings, and warm wood are all tied into this unique room. The walls house more wines than we can count. The dark red chairs are grand and set up for kings and queens at the ends of a dark oak table. We love this room for dramatic photographs of our couples. In addition to The Wine Cellar, is the Havanas Cigar Club. For the traditional male, this is the perfect place to take a moment to reflect on everything you love about your bride-to-be over a cocktail. This room is another room that offers a relaxing environment on a very exciting yet busy day.

The Grand Ballroom is the room that warrants the most attention. This is an elegant reception space for your wedding. The hardwood floors are beautiful and unique for a reception area. The chandeliers above are elegant in their simplicity. The detail carved into the wood of the white ceilings and white walls are subtle but beautiful. This is a room where the beauties are in the details and not over-the-top and emboldened. This room is for those who find beauty in quaint elegance, tradition, and appreciate the beauty and work of true craftmanship. There are several other rooms at The Carltun that we couldn’t cover in this article. For a full list of rooms please visit

As experienced The Carltun Wedding Photographers, we have shot many The Carltun wedding photographs that showcase the beauty of our couples and the variety of locations this venue has to offer. We recently posted a blog of one of our wedding shots, where you can see all the photographs we have posted of Lauren and Nicholas’ Wedding by clicking here. The photographs in these The Cartlun wedding photographs showcase the bride and groom with backdrops of the perfectly manicured grounds mentioned in this article, golden mirrors, fireworks, and the reception hall. In addition, Fine Art Photography and Video captured all the details of their wedding such as the brides dress and shoes, the customized bar menu, the centerpieces, the cake, and those candid moments of mothers and fathers and the bride and groom. We understand that this day is special and unique for each and every wedding that we photograph. We offer a detailed, true-to-life account of your wedding as one of the best wedding photographers for The Carltun in East Meadow, NY.
For more information, including a quote on an emotional, true-to-life account of your wedding, please visit us at or call (516) 997-4200. You can check out our exclusive shoots at The Carltun by navigating to the venues button from the main menu and typing “The Carltun” into the search bar. We look forward to preserving your special day at The Carltun.


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