The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Photo and Video is a clear choice as a NYC Wedding Photographer at The Plaza Hotel through providing timeless storytelling of your precious day. The fresh and different perspective we take as The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer with Plaza Hotel Wedding Photography will provide you with stunning memories built to last a lifetime. As The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer our distinguished reputation as a NYC Wedding Photographer provides you with a creative vision of your wedding giving excellence in capturing your most memorable times during the day. We guide bride and grooms through the steps making their day perfect yet at the same time allow for the personalization by the hosts to greet and speak with guests and that all important time to dance the night away. Every photo is taken by a professional yet down to earth NYC Wedding Photographer. We take on the sense of artists shooting a photojournalistic meaning of your wedding. The Plaza Wedding Photographers at Fine Art Photo and Video are creative keeping the idea of realistic Plaza Hotel Wedding Photography as your day unfolds. From candid’s to portraits, we have an authentic approach which leads to a beautiful documentation of your day. We assure that you and the images take throughout the wedding look their very best and are preserved for years to come.


Best NYC Wedding Photographer

The Plaza Hotel has the most beautiful natural backdrops for any NYC Wedding Photographer taking portraits. This greatly enhances our job as a photographer to take advantage of the best moments to capture. No matter what time of year, the stately steps outside the Plaza Hotels and grand display of the buildings traditional architecture always provides gorgeous photo opportunities. From the iconic steps leading to the Grand Ballroom to the stunning hallways to the honeymoon suite, being a premier Wedding Photographer The Plaza Hotel ensures that your wedding day will be captured showing the love between you and your guests forever. Contact Fine Art Photography & Video today for more information about our NYC Wedding Photographer packages.

The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer

The Plaza Hotel in New York City offers the very best of elegance and tradition. Located on Fifth Avenue, a stone’s throw away from the beauty of Central Park, The Plaza Hotel is the perfect place to host the wedding of your dreams. To pair with the wedding of your dreams, Fine Art Wedding Photographers, an exclusive NYC Wedding Photographer, offers the very best in contemporary photojournalism and videography. To see exclusive photographs and videos of this venue presented by Fine Art as The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer please click here.


NYC Wedding Photographer To Preserve Your Memories

Fine Art Photography and Video has preserved exclusive weddings in the amazing The Plaza Hotel and surrounding areas. While preserving your special day, we pay extra attention to every detail which aligns with the vision of The Plaza Hotel as an elite Wedding Photographer at The Plaza. On your special day, we start the photography session in the splendid, open-concept rooms that are offered by The Plaza Hotel. As The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer we photograph both the groom with his groomsmen, and the bride with her bridesmaids, in their respective rooms. Fine Art Photography and Video preserves every detail you have carefully chosen for this event including dresses, shoes, hairstyles, jewelry, gifts, friends, family, laughs, and tears of joy. Outside the windows of your room, you can see sweeping views of Central Park and the bustling city below. There is calm and quiet as you look out over the city. You can’t help to think about your Central Park Engagement Portrait Session only a few months prior.

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How We Became The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer

Thinking back, you remember your exclusive Fine Art Photo and Video NYC Wedding Photographer taking pictures of you and your fiancé as you walked across Central Park. With the hotel as the backdrop, we took exquisite photos of the bride and groom, encapsulating the love they share for one another. The love of the day is preserved as the Fine Art Photography and Video NYC Wedding Photographer captures your perfect moments as you strolled through the park. A picture from the stroll of you and your fiancé holding hands would make the perfect 11×14, thinks your photographer. Later you would find, that this beautiful, serene moment of reflection by the window, outlooking the city, would be captured as well.

The ceremony begins in a few hours and you are ready to see the final product of all your carefully laid plans. You walk downstairs and enter the ceremony space. Fine Art Photography and Video, The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographers, have captured every detail from the ceremony space prior to you arriving. We continue to capture every detail of the ceremony in this exquisite space that was custom designed by you. We capture the smiles of your guests as you say your vows; and we preserve the feelings that you felt during those moments. After the ceremony, Fine Art Photography and Video will take your bridal party to the locations of your choosing for the perfect sunset portraits with the people that mean the most to you. During this time, the entire reception moves to the ballroom for the festivities.


Wedding Photographer at The Plaza

The ballroom at the Plaza Hotel is truly one of a kind. After your bridal party and family is photographed, you are ready to greet your guests once again. You hear the announcer introduce you as the new Mr. and Mrs. You walk into the magnificent ballroom at The Plaza to the sound of applause from your family and friends. You notice how the light refracts off the chandelier directly above the dance floor. The up-lights on the wall glow from the bottom of the elegant walls and up over the spectacular archways. Fine Art Photography and Video as The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer is capturing the expressions and emotions of this moment as you walk through the tables of loved ones to the dance floor. Your spouse, the space, and the guests, are exactly how you imagined them. It’s time for the first dance. As a NYC Wedding Photographer at The Plaza Hotel, our experiences will dictate our ability to portray the details of your wedding as you intended them to be seen. We capture every instance that is important to you. From the first dance to the last, we will capture the elegance and love through these timeless moments.


An Elite NYC Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Photography and Video offers many packages to immortalize your special day. We are an exclusive NYC wedding photographer, who pays attention to every detail of your wedding. We believe on offering our clientele a preservation of their special day that is elegant and accurate. We believe that every time you view your portraits and video, they should serve as your memory; they should bring you back to the emotions of this important day, not simply retell a story. Fine Art Photography and Video is known for our artistry and service as The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer and will always use quality equipment with minimal lighting, so your guests can spend time enjoying themselves, distraction-free. After the big event, we professionally edit and personalize each video. This truly separates us from the competition, making us the only elegant choice for The Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographers.

For more information, including a quote on an emotional, true-to-life account of your wedding, complete our quick contact form or call (516) 997-4200. You can check out our exclusive shoots at The Plaza Hotel by navigating the venues button from the main menu and typing “The Plaza” into the search bar. We look forward to preserving your special day at The Plaza Hotel.


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